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Data Integration

Let us help you optimize your data procedures so you can spend less time managing your data and more time managing your clients.

Data Optimization

We can help you optimize your web data using SQL procedures so your data works for you, not you working for your data.

Data Reporting

Reporting turns raw data into information that can be consumed by a company, and through analysis you turn information into insights.


Quality is a state of mind. Quality requires a vision where the customer is first. It becomes part of a culture and it builds on itself. It is the personfication of respect for the customer's expectations. Being known for one's expertise depends on the anticipation of your customer's business needs. Delivering quality with this anticipation requires a culture of learning. Core Data Analytics was created to deliver quality and value to the customers.

Our Latest Projects

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. -Albert Einstein

Core Date Analytics, LLC is a provider of business applications to both the public and private sectors of any size. The idea for Core Data Analytics, LLC was the response to the market demand for business applications that are easy to use and cost effective to purchase and maintain. Ease of use is a primary determinant for user productivity and the major goal of our applications. Data driven decisions in a growing competitive world are based on user input. Our experience in the competitive corporate world has provided insight on how to optimize data entry that is harmonized with how businesses operate. Core Data Analytics, LLC has developed its applications around the user; enabling the business entity to harmonize its investment in information capture and analysis. Each of Core Data Analytics, LLC’s applications can be customized to suit individual business needs, in both the public and private sectors.

Core Data Analytics, LLC brings over 40 years of combined technology and business management to the table for our customers to leverage for their benefit. This includes the intense data driven world of the Aerospace Industry at Boeing, utility management for WA state cities such as Mercer Island, IT server management service, major publications, and other data driven professional services. Core Data Analytics, LLC utilizes the latest open source technology in all of our applications, leveraging the precision and elegance of php, jquery, mysql, and javascript languages that are utilized globally by major businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. All of the applications we have developed function as web applications using the latest web browsers. Our applications are fast, scalable, and easy to use. We hope that you contact us about our applications and allow us to help your business leverage the growing and elegant business capabilities available through process engineeredmodern web based applications. We can provide both cloud based services and server hosted application inside your business firewall.


Simple "Sale Order" system with "Perpetual Inventory". Sale order and inventory systems are complex to create and implement. "easyInventory" allows anyone to begin utilizing a database driven system that is easy to install and utilize. This system can be used by a small or large business as needed. Stock items are entered with a "Purchase Order" and taken out with a sale order. Stock levels are updated automatically. Pricing is based on a "running sum average" of unique items from the Purchase Orders, with a configurable markup to cover cost and profit. Great effort has been made to make this system easy to understand, utilize, and maintain.

Simple "Work Orders" need to address many issues, as they are the "cost collectors" for any business or government agency. "easyWorkOrder" allows anyone to have a work order system to assign materials from inventory to a work order, while maintaining an inventory stock level. This can be useful for service businesses as well as government agencies, where a work order is a simple replacement for a sale order. We've made this simple to setup and implement. As with a "sale order system, stock items are entered with a "Purchase Order" and removed with a "Work Order". Stock costs are a "running sum average" for each unique stock item. Perpetual inventory systems have advantages over LIFO and FIFO systems, and are preferred by state auditors when maintained by a computer system.

easyAg™ is a complete agricultural product application. easyAg™ provides the ability to track individual items of any nature, including plants, trees, fruit crops, cattle, etc. from birth to harvest. Individual items or bulk items like apples, can be entered by any quanity such as bins and by weight. Plants such as cannabis can be barcoded properly, placed in various room by rack and bin. The same 'inventory module' allows items for operations management as well as saleable products to track operations cost. easyAg™ provides a management 'Dashboard'for management to view sales, purchases, products, accounts receivable and payables in real time. easyAg™ is fully configurable for reporting all data captured through customer reports on demand. easyAg™ is the only web application that contains the entire business process in one application.

Core Data Analytics, LLC™ can be contacted for an online walkthrough of our applications. An online demonstration is easy to setup from any desktop using a small applet called "Zoom". It allows you to follow along on your desktop as we walk through the application. Voice can be online with a headset and microphone or using a cellphone. We will provide you with instructions and the application hyperlink for downloading and installation. Featured below are screen shots from our applications. Please review them to get a 'look and feel' of the simplicity of the forms for data entry. We specifically adhere to the "KISS" method for data entry, avoiding confusing complexity to the user. However, our applicatioins have been coded to automate many functions so that the user can concentrate on data entry and review, rather than being overwhelmed by the complexity.

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